A Romantic At Heart

A Romantic At Heart

Hello again,

tania_nursiahToday I want to look at the driving force behind a very entrepeurial friend of mine, Tania.

This is a very unique story and it demonstrates the real breadth of motivators that are out there. It also shows how top business people make their decisions. There are some key lessons for all of us in this great piece.

What is success?

Behind every great business is a determined entrepreneur, regardless of what industry niche the company falls into or the successes the organisation has been privy to, and Orange Blossom is no exception. Unlike many proprietors however Tania Nursiah has a unique story to tell, a tale that saw her take the leap from a comfortable job in investment banking to living her dream as the founder of a luxury wedding planning service serving London and Hertfordshire.

But what led this determined individual on this journey and what can Tania’s fellow entrepreneurs, in this industry or the next, learn from her journey?

Life in the City

Her career began in the City of London, and whilst this isn’t the natural progression of most wedding planners, her time as a high powered Director of an investment bank developed a set of desired skills and qualities that now help her create beautiful, stylish and truly exceptional weddings.

After the birth of her first child, the city lights however started to dim and with her own wedding a treasured memory and her own experience organising the big day of her dreams in 2006, Tania became convinced that the next step for her should be into the wedding industry. The decision to make the move from investment banking to wedding planning was not something taken lightly however, but Tania started out on a journey that would see her follow her passion and help couples throughout the region organise the perfect celebration to share their love and union with the world.

The summer it all started

A natural organiser, Tania quickly found her niche on the wedding planning scene, with the fast-paced, deadline-driven and high pressure world of investment banking proving the perfect preparation for a career as a wedding planner. With an incomparable eye for quality and detail, it appears that Tania was made to work in the wedding industry, a fact that was confirmed when spending the summer working with a friend, who just happened to be the owner of her own wedding planning business. Just like in the film 🙂

The launch

Shortly after her summer of wedding planning success she launched Orange Blossom, a bespoke service that helps couples realise their own dream day. Delivering a range of London wedding planner services, Tania puts her organisational skills to great use and is proud to have already been a part of so many couples’ special days.

Why not look up Tania Nursiah at her website, just click the link.