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Recruiting for the Digital Age

Hi, Tracy here.

Timing can be everything when it comes to starting a new entrepreneurial business. Those rare people who have an instinct when to make a move into a new and relatively unknown market just before it takes the world by storm are fortunate indeed.

Back in 2002 very few guessed the potential that the Internet would have on our lives, working environment and career. At the time City of London recruitment agents Chris Mason and Doug Bates were looking for a different job market in which to operate. They founded their own recruitment agency, Intelligent People based in St Albans, Hertfordshire, to tentatively try recruiting in the area of eCommerce, which was at the time in its infancy.

Establishing a Reputation

“Shopping online was rare then, but the online retail start-ups that were around had very specific technical requirements that they were recruiting for,” says Intelligent People co-founder Doug.

“Very few other recruitment agents knew where to look to help these start-ups. So we listened to their needs, got to grips with the skills they were looking for and managed to successfully place a number of candidates with these fledgling organisations.” Chris laughs and adds, “One of these first clients when we were starting out is now an online global eCommerce giant with a household name! As this organisation grew, they stayed loyal to us for their recruitment, and as a result we gained a reputation for being the Internet commerce specialists, and began to attract other similar clients.”

Doug interrupts, “The reputation we gained wasn’t just for eCommerce though, as we started recruiting for all manner of online and Internet job vacancies in product management, marketing and internet marketing,” Chris joined in. “A growing number of diverse job roles that could only be performed online were growing slowly at first, and then began multiplying rapidly, as companies started to wake up and realise that there was now great demand for online jobs that just a year or so before didn’t exist.”

Marketing Goes Digital

Marketing is an example sector, Chris explained, which used to be predominantly print-based. When people moved online for their newspapers, magazines, books and TV shows, the industry as a whole realised that new skills were in demand in order to market to an online audience.

Internet and digital marketing, in all its wide range of currently existing definitions, was born,” says Chris with a smile.

“Think about it – it started online with email marketing, then came website marketing, paid-for marketing, and search engine marketing. All the time newer and more exciting ways to deliver the message were growing, such as social media marketing, loyalty marketing in the form of retail apps for mobile devices, and now location-based marketing techniques can reach potential customers wherever they are, as they go to work, in the office, at home, and anywhere in between. The marketing industry has had to move forward hand-in-hand with technology, and this demands new technical skills, innovation and creative thinking to exploit all the opportunities.”


Email Marketing was One of the Earliest Types of Digital Marketing

Emerging eCommerce

The need for online retail eCommerce skills also increased sharply as more companies developed an online presence and wanted to sell and market their products online, not just on their own websites but also to a broader audience via any online channel – such as social media, online advertising and search engine optimisation, which ensured their brand appeared above competitors in the search engine listings, such as Google. Every new emerging platform for selling, advertising and marketing needed new talent and skillsets to exploit the new opportunities.

Social media marketing tips

“Our recruitment consultants stay constantly informed and up-to-date in the changing digital landscape even now,” says Doug, “so we know exactly what type of candidate with appropriate knowledge, experience and skills to look for to fulfil our clients’ employment requirements.”

Snowballing to Success

“It’s kind of a snowball effect too,” adds Chris, “as the more successful placements we do, the more other clients come to us for recruitment help, and we’re now well-established as the specialist digital recruiters in these areas such as eCommerce and digital marketing.”

I look around the busy, modern and slickly-decorated office where a roomful of recruitment consultants are creating a buzz of activity on Skype chats, phone calls or in online meetings, in the relentless search for informed, skilled and talented candidates.

Chris and Doug carved out a niche recruitment area for themselves over a decade ago, and their agency has expanded in line with massively rising demands as ‘niche’ became ‘mainstream’. Congratulations to these two entrepreneurs who chose to create the right organisation at exactly the right time.

Find out more about Intelligent People at their website:

A Romantic At Heart

Hello again,

tania_nursiahToday I want to look at the driving force behind a very entrepeurial friend of mine, Tania.

This is a very unique story and it demonstrates the real breadth of motivators that are out there. It also shows how top business people make their decisions. There are some key lessons for all of us in this great piece.

What is success?

Behind every great business is a determined entrepreneur, regardless of what industry niche the company falls into or the successes the organisation has been privy to, and Orange Blossom is no exception. Unlike many proprietors however Tania Nursiah has a unique story to tell, a tale that saw her take the leap from a comfortable job in investment banking to living her dream as the founder of a luxury wedding planning service serving London and Hertfordshire.

But what led this determined individual on this journey and what can Tania’s fellow entrepreneurs, in this industry or the next, learn from her journey?

Life in the City

Her career began in the City of London, and whilst this isn’t the natural progression of most wedding planners, her time as a high powered Director of an investment bank developed a set of desired skills and qualities that now help her create beautiful, stylish and truly exceptional weddings.

After the birth of her first child, the city lights however started to dim and with her own wedding a treasured memory and her own experience organising the big day of her dreams in 2006, Tania became convinced that the next step for her should be into the wedding industry. The decision to make the move from investment banking to wedding planning was not something taken lightly however, but Tania started out on a journey that would see her follow her passion and help couples throughout the region organise the perfect celebration to share their love and union with the world.

The summer it all started

A natural organiser, Tania quickly found her niche on the wedding planning scene, with the fast-paced, deadline-driven and high pressure world of investment banking proving the perfect preparation for a career as a wedding planner. With an incomparable eye for quality and detail, it appears that Tania was made to work in the wedding industry, a fact that was confirmed when spending the summer working with a friend, who just happened to be the owner of her own wedding planning business. Just like in the film 🙂

The launch

Shortly after her summer of wedding planning success she launched Orange Blossom, a bespoke service that helps couples realise their own dream day. Delivering a range of London wedding planner services, Tania puts her organisational skills to great use and is proud to have already been a part of so many couples’ special days.

Why not look up Tania Nursiah at her website, just click the link.

3 Reasons Why You Should Learn More About Business From Successful Entrepreneurs


If you are in the point of your life where you want to consider the idea of having your own business, make a success out of it, then you need to equip yourself with enough knowledge to start up. Yes, before you even plunge into the water and put up a business make sure you have done your research, learn everything you need to learn. Why is this so? It will save you time, effort and money of having to go through a lot of hardships in order to be successful.

Do you know that success leaves footprints? If you follow through the footprints of other successful entrepreneurs it is guaranteed you, too, will be a success. As to when are you going to be a successful entrepreneur would depend on how much knowledge you have, how much effort you put in, and how you will sustain the business.

Where are you going to get the footprints out of these successful entrepreneurs? Where else than through their biographies, interviews (online and offline), books, and many other sources? You will be totally amazed as to the number of information you can get access online. Imagine, the knowledge you can find, and apply on your own personal business endeavor. Certainly, you want to grab to such information as fast and as many as you can.

Probably, you will be asking why the need of learning more from successful entrepreneurs. Why not? It is simply due to the following reasons:

#1 Success Formula

It is pretty obvious they have done it! This means they have hurdle all the pain, get tons of rejections, have been down for so many times, yet here they are – successful. They got the success formula. They have used it. Knowing the key ingredients to their success will eventually trigger our mind that we can make it happen as well. If they become successful so can we. Isn’t it? Although, the factors may vary but all these people have a common denominator. When you know what is it, you are just a step closer to your own success. Of course, you do need to be on your path to do so.

#2 They Done It

brilliant_mind_cs2These people have done it. Who would be the best spokesperson when it comes to how make it right in any business than the successful ones? They went through all the hardships, failed a lot of times before they have came to a point that they can now reap the fruits of their hard labor. Learning how they went through the difficult times, how they manage to overcome them and what they have done to be successful will be a good source for anyone who want to engage in a business. Whether it is a thing or two you got from them it can make you earn millions in the future.

#3 Learn From Their Mistakes

The best teacher in life is experience. Once you stumble, you fall, and you stand right up, you become wiser. You are going to use the lesson learned from such mistake and move on with your life a lot wiser. Now, it does not mean you need to go through the same mistakes in order for you to learn what they have learned in business. All it takes is to learn it from them. Be sure, you will never commit the same mistakes that they did in the past. It serves as lesson learned without you even going through what they have gone through. Remember, mistakes can be very costly especially when it involves business.

Now that you know the reasons, the next step you are going to take is for you to get access to interview scripts, biographies, and other footprints from successful entrepreneurs the soonest. Do not just read them, apply them where you deem is necessary. In this way, your success rate is high and guaranteed.